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Community care model

The integrated care partnership can only work if all the partners work together with each other, and with local residents, charities and community groups.

We have developed a community care model which is how we’ll deliver the integrated care partnership.  Local communities have told us they want us to focus more on prevention and wellness, and for our acute hospitals to be places which provide specialist care and treatment which can only be provided in a hospital.  The community care model will help us do this. 

The community care model is how we’ll join up care.  It shifts care away from hospital and closer to where people live.  It describes how we’ll have teams of professionals, made up of the right people with the right expertise, based in communities so people can easily and locally access support for their physical, mental health and social care needs from one team and one place. These teams will also empower people to manage their own health needs and they will focus on prevention and well-being advice and support.

What these teams look like, and the services they provide, will vary across Buckinghamshire depending on the needs of local people.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  Instead, these decisions will be made jointly by local residents, patients, communities and health and social care providers.  What you’re likely to see is GP practices working more closely together with each other to extend the services they provide, and locally based integrated teams of nurses, pharmacists, social workers, therapists and others to provide the right support for local people.