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Benefits of an integrated care partnership

An integrated care partnership is simply a way of working.  We’ll integrate, or bring together, the expertise of health and social care professionals from our partner organisations to look after people’s physical, social and mental health needs.  These teams will help people live and stay well, especially those who have high levels of need or long-term conditions.  We’ll help people find the right help for them, before they need to use their GP or A&E.

With the partners working together more closely than ever before we can collectively improve the health of the people of Buckinghamshire.  In addition, by working with others such as local charities, community groups, patients and local residents in the planning and delivery of services we’ll be able to understand the local population better and help people live healthier and more independent lives for longer. 

Local people, communities and patients will be at the centre of our work and our decision making.  Everyone will have easier access to a local care team supporting their physical, social and mental health needs.  We will work with people to plan their care, prevent ill health and to live happy and healthier lives.

There will be benefits for staff too; improved collaboration and closer working relationships will make it easier and more efficient when working with colleagues from other organisations.  There will also be more local control and freedom to make decisions, plus extra support to go further and faster in improving services.

Find out more about what care might be like in the integrated care system

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